keskiviikko 1. maaliskuuta 2017

I can´t sleep through dead dreams

I had a weekend of musically interest for I headed to a goth club Bella Morte on Friday which was by the way the international emb day and Saturday offered a few cover bands. I was so dead after work day on Friday that I nearly passed the whole club, but fortunately I was lured to attend and besides it was the last Bella Morte club which is a bit shame. There were three live emb bands playing which was nice. All of them were unknown to me, but it didn't bother at all. Clubs are always so much better if there is live music, not only dj. 
On Saturday I took my camera with me and headed to see my boyfriend's new cover band and Varietee83. Both sounded awesome and audience seemed to like too. 
An outfit from weekend. I found my old necklace which I once nearly threw away, but decided to keep it in the end and that's good. It fits nicely together with the striped dress. 
I have been drinking way too much coffee to keep myself awake recently. Four cups in a day would be enough, but I have crossed the line badly. 
I added live photos to my facebook page if you are eager to see. Click! I try to activate myself and update the page more when this haste gets easier. 
Varietee83, Jussi Hakulinen

6 kommenttia:

  1. It sounds like a busy time but and a great concert.

    1. Yep, I'm busy all the time so far, but soon there should be more spare time!

  2. Cool concert! My opinion is biased here but you can never have too much coffee :p

    1. hahaha, coffee is so good, but I don't want to poison myself with it.

  3. This necklace is so beautiful!
    It looks wonderful with the stripped dress!
    I hope you had a nice EBM day!