sunnuntai 5. maaliskuuta 2017

Outfit + new shoes

An outfit from this week while we were going to have a lunch with my other half. I put new shoes on which I ordered from Vagabond (of course) on December while watching them through the fall and waiting for them to come to sale. They are a bit different style as I usually wear, but somehow I managed to fall in love with these suede boots in a first sight. Vagabond is most likely my favorite shoe brand with their amazing taste, but their shoes are also so comfy to wear and they fit well to daily wear. The bottoms are quite slippy so I've been waiting for the proper weather to wear them. I guess these weren't designed for Finnish winter. The ground has been really icy here during the last months, but now it starts looking much better when we are closer to the spring. 

I've been at work over the weekend so there haven't happened much in my life except we went ice swimming yesterday for the second time and it was as fun experience as it was at the first time. We plopped into the ice cold water four times and it did blood running. There must be a bit extreme spirit in me...
There would be one or actually two good gigs this night, but I have to pass them due to the early morning and a long day. What a shame. Perhaps I entertain myself then by watching 20 000 days on earth. I realized it will be found in Netflix.

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