maanantai 20. maaliskuuta 2017

Rocky Horror Show

I managed to have a fairly avant-garde Sunday with music and aesthetic.  We went to see Rocky Horror Show which was presented at Tampere hall last night and it was definitely worth seeing. Actors made good performances and makeup/costumes were well done. We had good seats in front of the auditorio so I saw well even small details. Transvestite Frank was absolutely my favorite character and her look was magnificent as a whole. I like the theme of musical: be what you want, love who you want. 
I put on this simple dress and chose quickly the rest of the outfit. I went to see one apartment before the musical so I didn't have much time to prepare myself which was a bit shame, I would have liked to put on a fishnet tights, but they would have been too cold choice. I did nothing to hair and put quickly red lipstick on. Some people were dressed up nicely according to the theme and they were also realized to bring rice and toilet paper with them. Interesting and different Sunday indeed. I don't have much experience about the musicals or concert halls so this was the nice idea to attend the show. 

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