Friday, 23 September 2011

Dancing in the dark

Today I ran through the city to the library to find inspiration for my degree and the other works. In the morning I realized what I want (well, I have known it already for years) but I understood nothing is impossible. All I need is a good plan and a lot of passion.

After the library and hundreds pieces I ended up to see my friend who took couple of pictures in a friendly way. While walking in the city I noticed that a red lipstick seems to have the magic power.

Shirt: Second hand
Corset: Diy
Skirt: Diy
Tights: Second hand
Shoes: New Look

My fingers are numb because I borrowed so many books. It seems that I will spend rest of the night with these opuses.


  1. I think i'm in love with you =D!

  2. Tarvisin kans pahasti tollasen pitkähihaisen pitsipaidan... :P

  3. Jendinan kommenttia mukaillen ! Suski löydät aina ihania pitsivaatteita ! - miksen minä :D

  4. jendina: Kieltämättä se on aika kiva :P

    emppu: Ei miulla ole kuin muutama hassu pitsinen rätti :)