Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I walk the line.

Last week I made the new shirt which is really classic model. Some time ago I wasn't able to stand the fabric but my mind is changing like the seasons and at this moment the traditional goth garments fascinate me a lot.

We visited today the secondhand store and to my surprise I found for once something. Tul skirt which I thought to wear as an underskirt and it paid only three euros. There was also another skirt but I decided to leave it into the store because it was two size too big and I'm lazy to tighten it.

Now I'm designing a collection for one company which is quite difficult because their style is really simple and the material challenging. It's quite interesting to design garments which are simple but there must have still something unprecedented.


  1. Oijoi miten kaunis tuo paita <3 Saako kysyä mille firmalle suunnittelet? :)

  2. Mä en voi oikeesti kuin kuolata noita sun ihania vaatteita joka kerta :D IHANIA!

  3. IndianaRex: Kiitos :) Salaisuus toistaiseksi :)

    Nette: Kiitos :)

    Jendina: Pah, perusrättejä :)