tiistai 27. syyskuuta 2011

Step inside my ritual

Red is a seasonal color for me (and the only color that suits me the best). Sometimes I can't imagine to get dressed in red and sometimes I could use it every day. I have watched this dress in my wardrob for the last few days and today I decided to put it on. Last autumn I bought this from London after watching it many months in Collectif's website.

I have considered to produce a red winter coat. I have had the proper fabric in waiting for the inspiration for a long time but only now I got a clear idea of ​​the jacket.

I don't usually eat candies but the skull shaped salmiak sweets stole my heart after the seminar. I was following the degree seminar in the uni today to get know what I sould do with my own thesis. Now I should be a couple thoughts wiser.

Tomorrow I will leave for Jyväskylä. I haven't been there since I was kid so the place is totally unknown for me but it's always interesting to see new places. I just hope it doesn't rain because I want to take pictures.

More coffee - my soul screams. I went between the sheets when time hit 00:00 but didn't get a sleep so I ended up to read LaVey's philosophy once again and before I noticed the hours passed.

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  1. ihana mekko ;___; taas vaihteeks on kateellinen. (8 en kestä ku rakastan sun blogii yli kaiken !

  2. emppu: Kiitos paljon iloisesta kommentistasi :)