Saturday, 22 October 2011

Open the doors and let the fog in

'''' I'm gonna cut you with the wedding ring
Come on, it's a nice touch for
Goth wedding ''''

Empty red wine bottle reminds me it was friday yesterday and I spent a whole night on my friend's sofa. We watched the film Lost Souls which was okay. Today should take part in the birthday party so celebrating will go on.

I tried to wake up early today but like usually I didn't manage. But really it doesn't bother me at all 'cause the weather seems to be wet once again consequently photographing would have been impossible. Autumn leaves before I have got time to make love with my camera!

I visited the fabric store but didn't find the violet lining :( Basically it means I won't finish the coat this weekend which annoys me a lot. Usually if I start doing something I try to finish it as soon as possible. If someone knows nice online stores; please let me know!

Yesterday's outfit

I wish you a great saturday night and here comes the video which always creates the big smile on my face:


  1. oh my... you can't be real, you're too pretty for that. anyways do you have deviantart account or something?

  2. Lucy: Actually I have an account in Deviant but I don't update it anymore. And thanks :D

    Leena: Kiitos, itsekkin tykkään tästä :)

  3. You should! But you can give it anyways!:D

  4. It includes only a crap nowadays ;)