Wednesday, 5 October 2011

She painted her lips in black.

I dug my moving boxes and found some garments I didn't remember owning. I do have too many garments and when I have time I will sell some of those away. I made the observation when I was in England I survive without the fifty skirt besides some of those garments are not anymore my style but I have some kind of emotional bond with them. ( Nostalgic moments <3) I have a lot of things which remind me some particular moments if I let them go do I forget the moments I have had?

Yesterday's outfit

Yesterday I wanted to dress simply so I chose an old black tunic with an asymmetric hem which I found in the moving box. In between times something else than the tulle skirts and corsets which I love (needless to say).

I bought a new black lipstick because the old one was pretty aged and it just dried up the lips. This new one seems to be better if just add the black lip gloss over it. Dramatic lips suits well for the autumn.

Dancing in the middle of the leafs could last eternal.


  1. Your pictures are always gorgeous and have good quality. Inspires me to make new photoshoots but oh I'm lazy. Everyday I'm thinking that I should make new pictures, days past and still nothing. Last shoot I made was July?!=D

  2. Ihanan syksyisiä kuvia ja tuo huulimeikki näyttää kyllä tosi nätiltä sinulla. :)

  3. Lucy: Thank you, I have photogrpaphed since I was kid. And laziness sounds too familiar :D

    Esmi: Olen nyt aika ihastunut tummiin huuliin, vähän vaihtelua ainaiseen kirkkaanpunaiseen :)

  4. ai että toi musta huulipuna sopii sulle tosi hyvin ! (: ja rakastan sun vaatteita.

  5. Great Photos - and that outfit is a great showcase for your awesome shoes!

    You wear the black lipstick well!

  6. I love your outfit, it's casual but so pretty <3

    I have to say I'm really glad you write in english! I love your blog :)

  7. Ellone: Thank you <3

    Nice to hear you like it :)