Sunday, 2 October 2011

Don't forget; Love will not die

We did the traditional sunday walk again today. Through the paths of the cemetary and the dark forest we found ourselves in the beach. It was a lovely autumnal day once again with a good company. Soon it's a cold winter and noone wants to step out of the house.

I got yesterday rest of my goods. More shoes, garments, films, books etc. and now they are all on the floor waiting for the arrangement. Part of the goods are still at my parents' place because I don't have enough space. It's time of the jumble sale soon!

I also got a TV even though I don't watch it but it's possible to connect with a laptop so I have two screen then.


  1. Mä vaan niin jumaloin sun kasvonpiirteitä! oot niin siro!

  2. Malicer: Ehhhhh, no kiitos paljon :D En ole ikinä pitänyt itseäni sirona ja varsinkin kun en ole luinen kasvoista.