Friday, 7 October 2011

Tears fades away when you are close

I found yesterday the old shirt which I bought many many many years ago ( I guess I was seventeen ) I haven't worn this for a long time and I was even pretty sure the shirt is too small but it fits perfectly. I wore this pretty much then a long time ago but the condition is still good.

The top is otherwise simple but there is a beautiful collar. Need to wear this more. It suits well together with the corsets.

I'm in love with the black lipstick. It's definitely the one of my top makeup product at these days. Black lips always shares the thoughts, someones can't stand it and I understand but my eyes loves it at the moment. Skin must be pale enough that the result looks good. ( The tan and black lips make me sick; especially if the tan is a fake).

It's a friday again and time to open the red wine bottle but before need to do some works.


  1. Your handbag is so cute! :) Is it perhaps from H&M? I remember seeing something similar in stores a while ago...

  2. Dial V vor Vintage: I found the bag from London years ago :)

  3. Tuo kaulus on älyttömän upea, soppii tosi hyvin tuohon korsettiin! ^^

  4. Wow, you have amazing eyes! *__*