Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mirror people

My friend tried a new hairstyle for me a couple days ago when he dyed my hair. He also pulled the bangs behind away with the gel and the look was totally different. Today I decided to try the same hairdo but with the bangs because I don't have the gel/spray or anything like that. Should play with the hair more often but I'm really bad at handling them (the reason why I have dreads). Some time ago I ordered the clip on hair extension because I considered to remove the dreads. I tried them but the result was so weird that I decided to keep my dreads so far. Black long hair which I had before is nice but I'm too lazy to stand in front of the mirror every morning to put them order.

Shirt: Second hand

Satin Corset: Diy
Skirt: Lindex
Shoes: Pennangalan

Awful it's my birthday soon! I have an age crisis ( I have had it already many years) but 25 sounds so fuckin old. (but as long as the sellers are asking my id the situation is not so bad)


  1. No ei 25 oo viel paha ikä! Pidä synttärit vaikka lastenkutsumeiningillä niin olo nuorenee hetkessä!

  2. ihana asukokonaisuus ! ja hiukset kanssa tosi nätit ! (8

  3. ihana asu taas :) heitin sua muuten awardilla :)

  4. Leena: Kyllä se on kaamea ikä, koska 30 on lähempänä kuin 20... Taitaa mennä synttärit zombina ja lady domina teemassa :P

    Emppu: Kiitos :)

    Chiina: Kiitos, huomasin saa nähdä keksinkö faktoja ;)