Sunday, 20 December 2015

Collectif dress from London

In celebration of upcoming Yule I decided to put on something red today. In my closet there is only two red garments (if I didn't forget something) and they both are actually dresses from Collectif which I've purchased many years ago while visiting London. This dress was one of my favorite when I bought it and I wore it quite much, but recently the dress has been hiding somewhere in deep corner with spider webs and old dreams. Red  is the color which fits me well, but recently the feeling to wear something this colorful has been missing. I feel too comfy and homey in black. 
 Dress: Collectif
Have you received Yule mood? Mine is lurking somewhere between the earth and space. Yule surprises every year although I've put Christmas lights to home and baked gingerbread ( yes I really did, it's rare from me) it still appears always so quickly like bang. And not rainy weather and snowless ground don't help to find the right atmosphere. Well I still enjoy my vacation from the bottom of my soul. This time it do feel that I need this break after hectic autumn. 


  1. beautiful dress! maybe its with the weather getting colder that you dont feel that good in color? no yule mood here so far... (im not that much of a winter-whatever-fan anyways though)

    1. Perhaps, but perhaps not, I don't like colors either in summer so :D Thank you :)