Sunday, 27 December 2015

Full moon

I've been just relaxing for the past few days here at my folks. I bought a game named Cities Skylines and this day and yesterday have disappeared by playing it through. Quite addictive although it's quite simple game or at least it's been so far. I recommend you to try it if you enjoy the simulation games like Sim city or The Sims. I'm a huge fan of the Sims and when I heard about Cities Skylines I didn't dare to purchase it in a fear of addiction. Now when I'm on a vacation there is the time to play  and a permission to be doing nothing 

Here is my yesterday's outfit. Relatives came to visit here so I wanted to replace my night gown for something more stylish. A lace shirt is from a flea market and a skirt is from H&M. I would like to wear the long skirts more, but the ground is usually wet therefor it's not tempting to wear long hems. 
It was a full moon and I love taking photos of the moon. It's challenging and especially when I live in the middle of the city it's more difficult due to the buildings and street lights, but here in the middle of nothing it's easier. There is no street lights or buildings or anything between you and the moon. Only a distance so a good lens is needed. 
Tomorrow I return back to home. There is a week left of the vacation and I feel already a bit anxiety about that. The spring will be probably as busy as the fall was or even more busier so I can't say that I wait for it :D


  1. I love this look! Simple but elegant.

    1. Thank you :) In a long time I wore lace :)

  2. Love your pictures of the moon �� I already tried to take some but I have the wrong camera.
    I like your long skirt. I'm searching for one but haven't found one yet.
    I wish you a nice holiday still. Rommie

  3. Stunning moon photos!
    I think I bought the same skirt, I love it so much, but I find it hard to wear it most of the time. Your looks are always great!