Thursday, 17 December 2015

Winter storm

I was blessed by a day off today which mean that I was able to stay up later last night and sleep later today. It's been wonderful when I've had a little bit more spare time now as usually. Me and my other half enjoyed the film named Winter's bone last evening. It was pretty good and ghastly on its own way. Usually I don't trust much Netflix's suggestions. Finnish version is quite poor. 

Today the ground was covered by white again so I decided to take day's outfit pictures outdoors. I wore my self made cloak and fringe boots. Hope the snow doesn't melt away directly. 
I ended up drawing in a long time yesterday. Hand and eyes don't work together at all after a break. I should draw more often, but it feels the time is always a wall between me and paper. 
It's only tomorrow to go and a vacation starts! And we only have a few hours tomorrow. 


  1. I was about to ask where the cape was from until I read you made it yourself. It's beautiful. What material did you use as it looks thick and comfy yet it has a nice fall. It looks darling on you.

    1. It's nearly 100% wool so it's warm and there is lining of course :) Thank you!

  2. Beautiful pictures, the most gorgeous Snow White I've ever seen :)

  3. Great outfit, looks elegant and cozy.