Friday, 25 December 2015


 We have so called black Xmas when the ground is snowless this year and the weather is more vernal as wintry. Last night it was a diabolical storm, the rain and wind drummed the roof through the nigh when I was watching Twin Peaks. The moon created a ghostly vibes by glowing through the clouds. 

Gifts are opened and a stomach is full of the food. I got really nice and useful gifts this year like a new sound system for my vinyl player. So far I've used my dad's old devices which are dancing on the brink of the grave. No more crackling sounds although it created sort of nice extra spice to some songs. 

Here are my yesterday's outfit and a few pictures I took: 

How is your Yule going? Have you got some nice presents? 


  1. Happy holidays! love the last photo!!

    1. Thank you. I do enjoy the holiday, but already have a little bit depressed that there is only a week left :<