Monday, 21 December 2015

Sonja Sinivuori Sirkus

A week ago on Sunday evening I challenged the gods of weather and decided to walk to Vastavirta to see a band where my sweetheart plays although it was everything but tempting weather and rotting on the couch would have been also an option. But good that I went their songs sounded really good and my inner radio repeated them  inside my head  for the next few days after the show. I rarely share any photos here from the gigs nowadays and I don't know even why. Usually I just forget to upload them here. However here are a few shots I took in a quite bad conditions. 


  1. you call them bad condition but actually they look like they exactly should look this way :-) beautiful pictures!

    1. Oh, I meant that the venue was again so bad, no lights and no space so really difficult to take photos :)

  2. I loved their music! Finish always sounds so curious in song to me hehe. Thanks for sharing!