tiistai 1. joulukuuta 2015


Hello! It is the day when there can be opened the first window of yule calendar, if you have such a thing (I'm boring and I don't have at least so far), and last month of a year begins. This year has passed so quickly that it's weird to believe the year turns soon. My year has been simply rewarding  in a many way that I'm more and less scared of when a downturn finds a pathway into my life. There is also interesting and groovy plans for a coming year when I managed to buy tickets for a gig of the Cure and WGT is also calling and perhaps some other adventures too. Hope the good luck continues in my life and dark shadows stay out of my way.
I managed to take outfit pictures yesterday when I had a short day for once and there was even daylight exist, not much, but at least a little bit. I should have a few shorter days before Yule so perhaps I find more time for blogging and for million other affairs aswell. Three weeks left until the vacation begins and I can't really wait for it to come. My head is bubbling ideas for sewing and there is a long list including tasks I'd like to do. 
 Yesterday I wore my new collar blouse which I got over a month ago. My old collar shirt is ready for grave so I decided to buy a new one. Soft material of the blouse tempted me to take this one with me an afternoon when I did other business in the downtown. It's not visually fanciful, but feels good on and there is always need for the neat blouses.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Babe do the makeup routine post please.
    i'm really in love with your babyface.

    1. hmmm perhaps I could do a post where I introduce products that I use :P

  2. Wow - you look so different! What a little longer flick at the corner of the eyes, a slightly brighter lipstick and a hat can change... incredible!
    What I really, really loved about this post was the sentence: "my old collared shirt was ready for grave". I think I don't know a single person who would replace things only when they ware too battered and torn to be worn ever again, and it's one thing I admire the most in other people!
    I'm constantly training myself to only get new things to replace old ones, but instead, I'm always on the hunt for something incredible, something completely over-the-top or better: darker than the rest of my darks. I'd love to read about your wardrobe habits, rather than your makeup routine. I think the web's quite full of 0815-makeup routines, and as they're highly personal (and very, very similar, to be honest), they're quite hard to fit to oneself.

    1. Small things make big changes :)
      Of course even I buy new garments every now and then even if I don't need them, but I try to be somehow reasonable consumer. For instance I don't wanna do collaboration with the sellers who sell the products that I don't like although I would get them free. Quite often I wonder when some bloggers buy new clothes all the time, what the hell they are doing with them, it's totally insane to buy a piece of clothing and throw it away after wearing it once. And yeah there isn't coming makeup tutorials, I'm not so into them ;P