keskiviikko 22. kesäkuuta 2016

You look like rain

It feels that all people around me are talking about Midsummer which is right behind the corner. I don't celebrate Midsummer this year because I will spend the next five days at work which didn't surprise me at all. A fate of deputies, but it doesn't bother me. Last year I did nothing although I was off and most often I have skipped it.  Usually the weather has also been so wretched that hanging out outdoors has been a torture.  Perhaps I will learn to spend Midsummer when I'm fifty or something. Being at work is a good option, I will earn a double wage and that's needed if I'm going to implement all my travelling plans and some other plans as well. Do you have a strategy for Midsummer?

Yesterday it was a sunny day expect the weather made a u-turn in the evening and turned rainy. I love listen to the rain while going to sleep. It creates a calm feeling and I sleep much better. 
A while ago I watched the film: Requiem for a dream which is one of my favorite movie in all its macabre. After watching it I realized that I haven't read the book where the movie is based on. I managed to borrow it and I have gone it through now. Seems to follow the plot quite well so no big surprises are waited. 
Yesterdays outfit: A fringed flapper dress is a sweet second hand finding which I made in the winter. I danced it on yesterday while listening to my new music finding: Morphine. 

I wish you a happy Midsummer for those who are going to spend it! And good workdays for us who are going to work through those days!

Ps. There is coming a tiny surprise in a blog in coming day. Hope you enjoy it!

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