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Guest post: How to Dress Visual Kei Clothing

Collaboration post
Riley Davis asked me if I was interested in publishing one of her articles here in my blog and why not. A bit different collaboration this time and the subject is interesting. Hope you enjoy the post and get an inspiration about it!

Visual Kei, also known as “visual style” or “visual system” is a fashion movement that became big among Japanese musicians. This stunning and out-there style combines elaborate hair styles, flamboyant outfits, and varying levels of makeup. While many of these musicians boast an androgynous aesthetic, it isn’t completely necessary for you to follow in that one aspect of the fashion trend to dress in Visual Kei clothing.
The easiest way to dress in Visual Keiclothing is to find a retailer that sells Visual Kei specific clothing. You however, will need to be aware of any bad or cheaply made clothing that may be available online at a much cheaper price (and quality). Remember, checking customer reviews can help to relieve any buyer’s remorse later while you’re putting your Visual Kei outfit (or outfits) together.

Dark Clothing Foundation
Darkclothing is a must with Visual Kei. This is a foundation in which you can layer your neon colors and other bright colors on top of.
Don’t Be Afraid Of Color
Visual Kei is known for its retina burning color choices. Don’t be afraid of bright and loud, neons are your friend with Visual Kei!

Pick Your Patterns

Visual Kei leans heavily on different pattern motifs to add visual interest. Some of the patterns and textures you can consider when dressing in Visual Kei clothing are:
1.    Plaid.
2.    Lace.
3.    Webbed patterns.
4.    Stripes. ( Horizontal, vertical, or slanted)
5.    Skull motifs.
Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just these patterns, Visual Kei is exceptionally “anything goes” and allows you to bring in your own personal flavor with every nuance. You can even add in some OTT (Over the top) accessories to add a little bit of the “Kawaii” (cute) elements to Visual Kei.
Select The Right Fit

Visual Kei clothing should be loose enough for you to move around in. However, you can still wear your skinny jeans in Visual Kei, just make sure that you’re wearing loose enough pants and shirts that you can move freely, dance, or bend as you may need throughout the day. While loose is important, don’t allow your clothing to be so baggy that it’s sagging off of your body. Mix and match the textures and fit to get the right look for you. Visual Kei is all about being confident in how you look.

Try mixing a plaid skirt with a loose-fitting tank top and platform heels. It’s a great mixture of Lolita and Visual Kei.

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1.    Chains
2.    Studs
3.    Chunky bracelets
4.    Spiked bracelets.
5.    Buckles.
6.    Straps.
7.    Handcuffs.
8.    Goggles.
9.    Rags.
10.  Belts.
11.  Rings.
12.  Cuffs.
Think grunge with your shoes. Wear creepers, Doc Martins, Engineer Boots, or Platform Boots. You can even wrap some chains around the boots for a little bit of added flair.
Just like many of your alternative styles, Visual Kei is well known for their outlandish hair colors. Dying your hair is an easy way to add some color to your outfit. Some colors that are most popular are:

1.    Silver.
2.    Ash.
3.    Bright pink.
4.    Neon Blue.
5.    Bright Purple.

These are of course are a very limited selection, just think bright and bold.
Piercings Are Invited
While some fashion trends aren’t piercing friendly, Visual Kei is definitely a trend that welcomes body modification in all senses. Most Visual Kei musicians boast several piercings, and so can you if you so choose to!
Lastly, the thing to remember about Visual Kei is that despite the distressed look, it is actually quite coordinated and well thought out. Pair your layers thoughtfully to create a polished and well thought out look. If you’re uncomfortable with adding too many layers at first, try something simple to begin and then work your way up from there.


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  1. There are elements I like to the Visual Kei style. I particularly love the last image with the knee high boots and the Lolita style of the skirt.

  2. Nice collaboration idea :) I reckon the girl in the last photo wears lolita and not visual kei?

  3. Kiva idea tämäntyyppinen yhteistyöpostaus! ^^ Minulle Visual Keistä tulee sellaiset nostalgiafiilikset, koska yläasteaikoinani tyyli oli aika pinnalla :D

  4. I prefer your style over visual kei. I'm not into These asian Trends and styles at all, I feel like they're too costumey. I want a dark look which I can wear every day of my life, and your blog is a strong source of Inspiration for this. Thank you for your wonderful Outfit Posts, Suski!

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