keskiviikko 17. toukokuuta 2017


I disappeared to the countryside for the weekend and spent my time by taking a bunch of black and white photographs. That's kind of an institution every time and now it was fairly vernal and nice weather so it was nice to hang out outdoors.

Here is my outfit from Saturday and actually I wore it also on Sunday when  we drove to Turku. 
An old skater dress which I've worn a lot and it starts to show on material. I really like the model and fabric and I consider to sew the similar version if only some nice fabric is found.
So I paid a visit to Turku after a loooong time. Okay last year I visited twice a harbor, but I haven't visited a downtown for years? I didn't remember that the church is this impressive and huge. (when I was a kid, my mom always said "some day you will get hitched there. I guess she has lost her hope for that already) We had just a short visit so I wasn't able to take the pictures, but perhaps I try to go there again. I would like to visit a castle, prison and Aboa Vetus museum. It's interesting, I used to visit there quite often, but since I moved to Tampere I stopped visiting. I didn't like so much Turku before, but now after a long break the whole city opened to me in the new light! (but I still wouldn't like to move there :D)

A short post, but nothing special has happened expect that my fucking ear is again septic and I can't hear properly and that really sucks! Yesterday I was teaching a new employee and that was really awkward when you can't hear normally and the voice sounds odd. Hope this goes over soon.

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