lauantai 13. toukokuuta 2017

Walk through the shadows and light

On Thursday afternoon the weather was like my mood; A slightly dismal and gloomy, but also luminous at times. I'd call that for a borderline. Being between two totally different worlds and feelings and not to be sure how to choose. Sometimes I enjoy being blue, but that's also frightening because I don't want that the feeling follows me from day to another and to another. Melancholy feeds my soul and I will always be a captive of dark thoughts. 
We were wandering at the downtown and paid a visit to a one lovely coffee place where I have visited a few times before. It's somehow the really cozy place and not that modern as a interior as the other cafeterias here. It reminds me of the middle Europe like the whole street which leads you there. I don't know how many times I have captured this view through a lens, but obviously it enthralls me and I can't give it a miss.

I was wearing a long skirt after a long time and it actually felt a bit weird. And as you can see, it was snowing... though it's May. A jacket is from Queen of Darkness. I bought it in our first WGT visit. 

This day was perfect to end by drinking a glass of cheap red wine and read one book that based on a tragic story. 

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