keskiviikko 10. toukokuuta 2017

When the light of chosen has died it is time to pay back for their crimes

An outfit from yesterday. I found my ancient collar a while ago when I was cleaning the wardrobes and other lockers. I bought it when I was a high school girl so this happened years and years ago... and I haven't worn it for years.  I have been about to throw it away many times, but some strange feeling inside me has told to keep it just in case. Now I have been very fascinated by it after wearing it. I remember that I had another collar with smaller rivets, but I guess I threw it away. 
Pants are from Actual pain, shoes from K-kenkä and pullover which is lovely is from H&M. 
I've been looking for suitable tattoo artist for my next picture and found a few potential options. Can't wait for getting more ink. 

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