perjantai 5. toukokuuta 2017

I'll love you even beyond this mortal coil You are a vision in the soil

I wasn't able to avoid Nyx cosmetic's shelf today while visiting the downtown. Those tempting colorful products catch my eyes nearly always when I pass by them. I find Nyx is quite good brand when it comes price and quality. I own a lipstick, foundation, concealer and some contour products and they all work fine. Now I ended up buying a lipstick, eye shadow and brow contour pencil. I purchase new make up quite seldom. However sometimes it's nice to try the new lipstick color or eye shadow. 
It was a warm day today. The weather was so pretty so I decided to put on something lighter. I bought that top perhaps three years ago from Hennes and also a bag and socks are from there. Shoes are from Vagabond and they do need wax. 

I hope you have a nice weekend, I keep up reading and I try to find myself in the bed early. It is a workday again tomorrow. 

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ihanan simppeli asu, tykkään paljon varsinkin tuon mekon hihoista! Nyxin meikkejä on tullut käytyä hypistelemässä viime aikoina usein. Täytyy varmaan yksi luomiväripaletti kotiuttaa, vaikka yleensä olenkin tosi laiska ostamaan meikkejä :D

    1. Kiitos ^^ Mä voisin ostaa meikkejä vaikka kuinka paljon, mutta en raaski. Uudet meikit aktivoi aina kivasti meikkaamaan ;)