tiistai 23. toukokuuta 2017

New black dress for summer

I managed to do an unexpected finding the other day while visiting a clothing store: a shorts dress which caught my eye! Before I couldn't imagine to wear a garment like this and to be honest I visited glancing this a few times before I made a decision of buying. At first I thought it is the normal dress, but when I took a closer view I realized there are shorts instead of a skirt part. The dress haunted in my mind so badly that I had to go and get it and besides it fits me perfectly.  I also thought that I could have made it myself, but then again I don't like sewing of chiffon too much and I wanted to get it on immediately when the weather is suitable for it right now. I'm quite convinced I will wear this a lot in the coming months. 

4 kommenttia:

  1. Aivan ihana! Toimii vaikka pyöräillessäkin hyvin, mutta näyttää ihan mekolta. Mistä tuo löytyi? :)

    1. Joo nimenomaan, itsekkin kun jopolla hurautan ympäri kaupunkia, niin huoleton heittää päälle, on h&m:stä :)