torstai 3. joulukuuta 2015

A new ghost at home

A few days back I was on my way to home and I decided to stop over a florist's shop to search for so called ghost flower which you may know the name of Corocia.  For long I have dreamed of the plant, but I'm quite bad at flowers so I moved and moved an idea to get anything green into my home until now I decided to give it a try. Last time I had three cactuses and they all passed away so let's see what will happen with this one. Fortunately this cost only a few euros so an economic loss is not huge if the tree changes over the graveyard of plants. This is quite small and I'd like to have bigger one. Perhaps I pray it gets bigger. 
 In addition I found cute Christmas globes and I'm going to do some kind of tree where to put them. 
My Wednesday's outfit was a simple second hand pencil skirt and new tricot shirt. Shoes are Neosens and a bag second hand. 

6 kommenttia:

  1. Please, can you write post about hairdye, haircare and just your hair?

  2. You can make the most simple outfits look wonderful!
    I'm interested in Neosens shoes, but as they're really expensive, I'd like to hear your experience with them. How's the material, does it last, are they comfortable? Are they worth that much money? Here in Austria you won't get them under 200 - 250 €...

  3. These cost 140€ in 2009 and yes they are worth evey cent. I think these are the most quality shoes I have. They are still like new altough I wear them quite much ^^